What is the difference between KING 9.8, KING9.9 and KING 9.8 Pro, KING9.9 Pro?
KING 9.8, KING9.9 rear hub 135*10mm.
KING 9.8 PLUS, KING9.9 PLUS rear hub compatible with 135*10mm/142*12mm.

What is the material of X-COBRA frame?
KING 9.8, KING9.9, KING 9.8 PLUS, KING9.9 PLUS: aluminium alloy 6069-T6;
KING 8.9: aluminium alloy 7005-T6;
All the others: aluminium alloy 6061-T6.

KING240 and KING216 can fit for 26’’ tire?
Yes, both KING240 and KING216 can use 26’’ and 27.5’’ tire.

KING240 KING216 KING200 are available 29’’ frame?
Yes, we have successful on testing for 29’’ frame.

Which parts are made from Taiwan?
Handlebar, Hub, Pedal, Bottom Brackets, Headset, Seatpost are made from Taiwan.
Rim is OEM by Sunrim.

How to become the dealer in your state?
The exclusive dealer is authorized by X-COBRA for every state. 
Please contact: for more information.

Can X-COBRA sell to personal?
If your state has the dealer, please contact the dealer directly. If not, please contact

What is the variety and original for current wheelset?
XC wheelset from China;
Enduro and Downhill wheelset from Taiwan.

What is the specification of VENOM Hub?
VENOM from Hub: compatible with 15/QR.
VENOM rear Hub: compatible with 135*10mm/142*12mm
Can be easily converted to QR via conversion kit (kit is included)

How to get sponsored frame and parts from X-COBRA?
Please contact for details.

How to get the sticker of X-COBRA?

Please contact local dealer. If not, you can contact