Dear customer, welcome to X-COBRA family!
Here you will find important information about your frame follow the instruction in this manual correctly, as it contains all safety, warranty, maintenance and assembly information.
Our frames are made in 6061/7005/6069 aluminum alloy, with specific treatments to get a high quality product.
All our frames undergo a rigorous quality control, where all the welding points, the central box, the steering box, brackets for disc brakes and painting are checked.
How to mount your frame:
1)We suggest that it be done by a qualified professional.
2)That appropriate tools are used.
3)Lubrication of steering and central movement.

4)It will be granted in cased of defects in raw materials.
5)Problems in industrialization.
6)In order to obtain the guarantee of the frame, it is essential the FIDCAL NOTE of purchase of the frame.
7)One-year warranty for KING240, KING216, KING200;
8)Two-year warranty for KING485, KING486, KING487, KING586, KING587, DJ KING, KING 8.5, KING8.9, KING9.8/PLUS, KING9.9/PLUS,

This warranty does not cover:
10)Modify or change the product(Painting, Alignment, Brake system, adaptations)
11)Poor conservation.
12)Wasting, Accidents, Mounting wrong.
13)Improper transportation.
14)Accidents in general.
15)Storage in an inappropriate place.

16)Use proper tools to assemble and disassemble your frame.
17)We recommend that you bring your bicycle in a workshop with specific equipment for preventive maintenance.
18)Never use chemicals such as: Degreasers, Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Solvents, Petroleum based products on the painting of your frame, some products may cause reaction with the paint pigments, causing the paint to be damaged, lose the original factory color.
19) When washing the frame, we recommend the use of neutral soap and water.
20) Never use high pressure jets on your frame, as pressure may cause paint damage.
21) Dry the frame with a clean cloth.
22) We suggest the use of torquimetro to mount your frame.

Final considerations: Always use safety equipment when using your bike such as: Helmets, Gloves, Eyewear, and appropriate clothing.
Please keep the card. If after-sale service needed, the card is the MUST to send together with the frame.